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The core of the CAM platform is a free, online geographic information system (GIS) for providing an interactive online access to hydro-geospatial data (e.g. scenario based modelling results) and governance reports to any concerned stakeholder involved in a given integrated water resources management project. The CAM platform is structured around cases of IWRM-challenges. Each user (stakeholder) can create his own account in the online CAM platform and start a new or join an existent IWRM-case, to which he in turn could invite other relevant colleagues and stakeholders. In the framework of each IWRM-case users can upload data related to the given IWRM-case, provide different levels of data usage permission to other users and receive access to data uploaded by fellow users. The CAM platform, therefore, bundles all relevant data and information of importance to a given IWRM-problem with inputs from each user (stakeholder). Once populated with meaningful data the platform allows each user to explore the established state of knowledge around a given water management problem. Overall, the CAM platform is envisioned to create an environment which promotes a cooperative and transparent exchange between stakeholders in the water sector. All of these aspects taken together are expected to increase the trust between the respective stakeholders and finally support the successful implementation of IWRM measures in multi-stakeholder contexts.

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